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Latest full version:

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TScore version 10.2.39  /  VScore version 10.1.2 (27th Mar 2021)

From version 10.2, TScore supports direct deduction scoring by judges using Android tablets. You can download the app here:
TScore Judge App for Android v 1.0.157 (17th Jan 2021)

You can find help with installing the app here.

You can download the release notes for version 10.2.32 here:
TScore Release notes version 10.2.32 (30th Dec 2020)

Database versions:  TScore has been tested with PostgreSQL versions 9 and 10.
Upgrading between minor versions (e.g. 10.2 to 10.11) appears to work without any issues. Upgrading major versions (9 to 10) is more awkward.
In all cases, we recommend that you use the ‘Copy All Competition Databases’ export option first, so you have safe copies of everything.
If you want to re-import a whole load of saved competitions to a new installation, you can use the ‘Import Competition Database’ option, but provide a “*” wildcard rather than a filename rather than an individual file (e.g.  c:\comps\2018\saved-comps\* ). Every .tsc export file in the folder will be imported as a competition.

Be careful exporting / importing between different versions though, as one problem has been encountered in this area. If you import from a newer version to an older one, you may need to delete some lines at the beginning of the tsc file to remove unsupported features. Contact us for help here.

New users should use PostgreSQL version 10.

PostgreSQL Server 10.11 (64 bit)         PostgreSQL Server 10.11 (32 bit)      

If you still want to use PostgreSQL version 9, here are the downloads.       PostgreSQL Server 9.6.1 (64 bit)          PostgreSQL Server 9.6.1 (32 bit)
Note that this version will no longer be supported by PostgreSQL after March 2020. We still expect TScore to continue to operate with PostgreSQL v9, but there will be no security or other fixes from them.


Installation Guide         Database Connection Troubleshooter          Network Connection Troubleshooter

App connection troubleshooter

 TScore User Guide    VScore User Guide    TScore Artistic Guide (Beta)

Note: The TScore ZIP file is password protected. Please email [email protected] for assistance.  It is really helpful if you can provide a little bit of information such as what country you are in, what levels of competition you are considering using TScore for, and some idea of the competition grade/age structure, so we can make our support as helpful as possible.

Entry forms and class definitions

We always seem to be updating the class definitions and entry forms, so here are the latest sets you can download without needing a full TScore installation.

You’ll need to copy the class definition file(s) into your  ‘C:\Users\Public\Documents\TScoreX\ClassDefns’ folder so that TScore finds them when you create a new competition.
Some may also include one or more ‘Lookup’ files – these are used to map USAG or BG age or grade designations to a standard set in the TScore classes. Copy these into the Lookups folder inside ClassDefns.  (There is a readme in any Zips that require this)



Class definition

Entry form


British Gymnastics NDP 2020    (updated 23rd August 2019)
TRA/DMT/TPD BG Regional NDP 2020 BG Regional NDP 2020 New age groups etc for 2020
TRA/DMT/TPD/TUM/ACRO BG Regional Multi 2020 BG Regional Multi 2020 New age groups etc for 2020
BSGA Schools 2019-20             (updated 13th Sept 2019)
Regional competition BSGA Schools 2019-20 BSGA Regional 2019-20 No change to class list from last year
Zonals and Final BSGA Schools 2019-20 BSGA Zonal 2019-20 To be updated…
USAG 2019-20            (updated 6th Dec 2019)   Please upgrade to v 10.1.93 for latest classes, tie-break incl. HUGS.

Other useful extras

Here are some useful extra files to help with assigning officials to panels, and to generate ‘AVERY’-style printed label layouts from the TScore trophy labels sheet.

Printing Labels     – Copy the PrintTrophyLabels sheet into your Timetable.xlsx worksheet, set the Trophy Labels sheet name in cell D1 and the number of label columns for your stationery in cell B1.  (Although apparently Excel has a ‘print labels’ option now that might just do this anyway!)

Panel Editor         – Copy the Officials list (name, club, role, AM/PM columns) into the first 5 columns of this sheet, then put an X where you want each official to be. Magic happens!  Only support 4 panels at present, but easy to extend.

USAG Synchro Import Template    – The USAG online entry system generates a ‘GroupPairExportSanction’ file, but this is not immediately suitable for TScore import. You need to pre-process the contents to change headers, work out the actual age group and gender.  This template file does this for you, so you simply have to copy and paste 2 blocks of cells from the Export file into your copy of the template. Then just import the athlete list from that file as normal (using the Merge option is you already have other entrants).  There is a brief video showing how to do this.

Previous Mobile App Releases

TScore Judge App for Android v 1.0.132 (11th Apr 2020)
TScore Judge App for Android v 1.0.119 (2nd Apr 2020)

Previous Version 10 Releases

PostgreSQL Client Connector      (Not required for version 10.1.37 or later)

TScore version 10.2.38  /  VScore version 10.1.2 (21st Mar 2021)
TScore version 10.2.36  /  VScore version 10.1.2 (23rd Feb 2021)
TScore version 10.2.35  /  VScore version 10.1.2 (21st Feb 2021)
TScore version 10.2.32 /  VScore version 10.1.1 (16th Jan 2021)
TScore version 10.2.32  /  VScore version 10.1.0 (30th Dec 2020)
TScore version 10.2.28  /  VScore version 10.0.34 (12th Apr 2020)
TScore version 10.2.27  /  VScore version 10.0.34 (11th Apr 2020)
TScore version 10.2.26  /  VScore version 10.0.34 (2nd Apr 2020) – (Release notes 10.2.26)
TScore version 10.1.99  /  VScore version 10.0.34 (29th Feb 2020)
TScore version 10.1.93  /  VScore version 10.0.33 (6th December 2019)
TScore version 10.1.89  /  VScore version 10.0.33 (8th November 2019)
TScore version 10.1.84  /  VScore version 10.0.31(23rd August 2019) – (Release notes 10.2.26)
TScore version 10.1.77  /  VScore version 10.0.31(20th March 2019)
TScore version 10.1.76  /  VScore version 10.0.31 (19th March 2019)
TScore version 10.1.71  /  VScore version 10.0.31(3rd March 2019) – (Release Notes 10.1.71)
TScore version 10.1.70  /  VScore version 10.0.31 (24th February 2019) – (Release Notes 10.1.70)
TScore version 10.1.68  /  VScore version 10.0.31 (10th February 2019)
TScore version 10.1.60  /  VScore version 10.0.30 (6th January 2019)