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Version 10.0.37 / 10.0.13 – Synchro fixes and web publishing enhancements

We’ve fixed a few issues with Synchro – exported results were missing totals and positions with some templates. Also, generating checklists for finalists was giving a SQL error, and changing the number fo finalists with the ‘spinner’ control on the Preferences screen caused a crash.

VScore has been enhanced to give more configurable output – it now takes style-sheets that you can edit yourselves. It also has bonus, penalty, time of flight and pass 4 included. There is also an option to add an auto refresh to every page, so it checks for updates every minute. See the user guide for more information.

Version 10.0.31 – New definitions for BG and BSGA 2017-18 season

This version includes new class definition files and sample entry forms for British Gymnastics NDP and British Schools Gymnastics Association competitions for the 2017-18 season.

It also has a couple of small fixes – one of which could present erroneous sub-totals while part-way through entering judges scores (i.e when only a few of the scores had been filled in).

Version 10.0.29 – Bugfix

This version has an important fix for anyone currently using versions 10.0.25 to 10.0.28.  You may experience problems printing the individual trampoline results with certain combinations of bonus, penalty, qualifications and templates. This has been fixed in version 10.0.29, along with improvements to the license reporting for strings that are nearing expiry.

Version 10.0.27 Update

We’ve had a number of upgrades and improvements over the past month.  Version 10.0.18 tidied up a number of cosmetic issues in tumbling and DMT results printing, which 10.0.22 made the new ‘Show Timetable Conflicts’ content and display more accessible. That version also corrected a few USAG class definition errors (qualifying scores mainly).  Version 10.0.23 improved the ‘End of Class’ detection and forced completion handling – it now allows a choice of withdrawal or zero move count.

10.0.25 fixed an important qualification score calculation omission – penalties are now taken into account. It also now remembers the previous sort column for competition status and forces USAG events to 3 decimal place total scores.

Now with 10.0.27, two requested features have been added. The first is to support the import of entrant lists from the USAG online entry system.  To use this, just create a USAG competition as normal, then use the Import Entrants option and pick the USAG export Excel file.  Note that you might need to tidy up that file before import – we have seen some rather curious column misalignments!

The second new option is the ability to ‘zoom’ the timetable editor display.  This is great for seeing those tightly packed comps with 1 or two athletes in each of 8 classes in a flight.

Keep the feedback coming in on the forum!


Version 10.0.17 Update

A few small fixes and improvements, although at least one here that could cause problems if you are using competition folder names with spaces in.

CSV loading improved – discipline filters, templates and better automatic detection / creation of classes

Allow all classes on panel filter
Class editor label display tidied
Automatic zero-move count improved
Incorrect E6 label for HD2
Import/Export error for folder paths with spaces
Score fields E5/E6 misaligned for specific combinations of discipline / judge count

Version 10.0.16 Update

A new minor release of TScore is now available.  Version 10.0.16 has a an important fix to the class editor (it was failing to set the Discipline to ‘Trampoline’ in mixed competitions) and a new feature – Multi-day event timetabling. It also fixes the oversized New Competition form problem that affected people with smaller screens.

For a full list of the issues addressed and a link to the new download, just check the Downloads page.


Version 10 Release

Many thanks to everyone who helped with testing TScore Version 10, which has now been released for use in Trampoline, DMT and Tumbling events.

This version supports the new Horizontal Displacement scoring rules, along with numerous other enhancements and fixes.

It works with the latest version 9.6 of PostgreSQL, although if you already have TScore running with an older version there is no need to upgrade that.

As with any scoring software, please ensure that you also maintain paper records of the scores too, in case of hardware or software failure!

The Artistic Gymnastics section of TScore should be regarded as beta-release at this stage, as it has not yet had thorough testing at ‘live’ events.

To get the latest version, please pop along to the Downloads page.


Version 10 Beta Testing

Testing and tweaking TScore Version 10 is progressing well now – performance and stability look good and the new functionality appears to be working.

For those of you helping with testing, you can get the latest updates here.

Please use the forum for feedback and further suggestions – I shall invite customers to join in shortly!