Enhancements and Fixes

TScore Fixes and Enhancements

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Version 10.2.36- 23rd Feb 2021 – Small fix

T423 10.2.35 Overall results sheet put zero scores 1st! Fixed a rogue view with ‘nulls last’ 10.2.36

Version 10.2.35- 21st Feb 2021 – Various

T422 10.2.28 Some zero scores not shown in export Fixed 10.2.35
T421 New Improve support for ‘Flight Ranking’ – athlete table and export Note – the updated export templates must be used 10.2.35
T420 10.2.32 Clear temporary deductions after save/abandon dd scoring Pending values were being left behind 10.2.35

Version 10.2.32- 28th Dec 2020 – Various

T419 New Show competition information from Status Shows comp info, entrant count totals and by discipline 10.2.32
T418 New Filter to stop unintentional ‘Teams’ New switch for Explicit teams only (i.e clubs with trailing letter) 10.2.32
T417 New Show total entrants on Clubs worksheet 10.2.32
T416 10.2.28 Error listing Artistic entrants/scores Fixed 10.2.32
T415 New Improve recalculate functions Faster, extended functionas 10.2.32
T414 New Include email in export for teams 10.2.32
T413 New List overall individual scores per level New tab on export sheet 10.2.32
T412 New Flexible team construction By level, level+Age, Level+Gender etc 10.2.32
T411 10.2.28 Network scan fails if there are spaces in the folder pathname Fixed 10.2.31
T410 New Allow a network scan to be interrupted Can be slow, so let the user abandon the scan 10.2.31
T409 10.2.28 Out of bounds error if no class definition files are found Improved error recovery 10.2.31
T408 10.2.28 Recover from missing Configuration folder Startup can fail if the default configuration folder is removed 10.2.31
T407 New Add autotest for tablet scoring 10.2.31

Version 10.2.28- 12th Apr 2020 – Small fix

T406 10.2.27 Incorrect number of decimal places for ToF on deductions view Fixed 10.2.28

Version 10.2.27 – 11th Apr 2020 – Small fixes

T405 10.2.22 Server setting of not trapped out for tablet connection TScore will now resolve the local server’s real IP address 10.2.27
T404 A1.0.119 App Network error messages are confusing Improved connection diagnostics and messages A1.0.132
T403 10.2.22 Ex vs Ex+HD scores inconsistent in export TRA/DD 10.2.27
T402 10.2.22 DD scores missing for Finals in TRI 10.2.27

Version 10.2.26 – 2nd Apr 2020 – First full release with Tablet entry

T401 New Select class from competitor – handy shortcut When showing all classes, click the Class label…. 10.2.26
T400 New Layout improved for Edit Entrant Email field expands if needed 10.2.26
T399 New Improved input validation for Edit Entrant 10.2.26
T398 New Send emails – option to cc all emails or just the first one 10.2.25
T397 New Relocated Install Licence button onto Settings tab 10.2.25
T396 New Improved tablet connection screen feature and feedback Can now click red lights to retry individual tablets 10.2.25
T395 New Ignore the ‘BG number here please’ comment for officials 10.2.25
T394 New Efficiency improvements Optimised to reduce reloading forms 10.2.25
T393 10.2.22 Setting e-judges to 3 with HD caused blank display Median calculations overhauled to avoid this 10.2.25
T392 New Save the default class order for programme Also affects the initial timetable ordering 10.2.25
T391 New Separate Execution / Execution + HD totals Changed Export to be E-only. DblClick header in score to toggle. 10.2.25
T390 New Add Time of Flight Roster for AirTime 10.2.25
T389 New Add a network monitor tool for tablet communication check 10.2.25
T388 New Support Move Scores for deductions 10.2.25

Version 10.2.22 – 14th Mar 2020 – Small fixes and improvements – BETA

T387 10.2.08 Confirm Withdraw close dialog perfroms previous choice Now acts as ‘Cancel’ correctly 10.2.22
T386 New Add positions/qualifications from original age groups to print Printed results can now show original age group placings too 10.2.22
T385 10.2.08 Some qualification calculations wrong during certificate printing Fixed 10.2.22
T384 New Switch to require higher qualification score for certificates Added option to print dialog 10.2.22
T383 10.2.08 Save class to file confirm overwrite dialog wrong Saved the file even if you said no!   Fixed 10.2.22
T382 New Show Withdraw button on DD scoring screen 10.2.22
T381 10.2.08 Rename club doesn’t update officials’ club name Fixed 10.2.22
T388 10.2.08 Rename club ignores changes to email address Fixed 10.2.22

Version 10.2.16 – 24th Feb 2020 – Direct Scoring from tablets – BETA

T384 New Better warnings for invalid HD scores 10.2.16
T383 10.2.08 Update template locations when switching UK/USA Especially important now UK/USA is in the comp database 10.2.16
T382 New Add ‘Simple 3 judge scoring’ option Lets you override the normal averaging for 3 out of 5 judges 10.2.16
T381 New Add DMT and Tumbling to Direct Scoring 10.2.16
T380 Improve Reduce advance notice of license expiry Repeated nagging only starts 2 days ahead now 10.2.08
T379 Improve Default ‘Print Team results’ to off Preferred setting as fewer competitions use Teams 10.2.08
T378 10.1.91 Printed results gives incorrect positions per flight if there are ties Fixed 10.2.08, 10.1.97
T377 Improve Improved list of Conflicts from timetable Now gives the total count and has wider layout 10.2.08
T376 10.1.91 Officials duplicated if you change the case of the club name Fixed 10.2.08
T375 New Set a coach name for each club Can read from entry form, report in club list sheet 10.2.08
T374 Improve Restructured Settings UI and storage A number of the settings are now in each competition database 10.2.08
T373 New Direct deductions scoring entry added First phase – direct deductions, medians shown but not used 10.2.08
T372 New Add Range and Conditioning event to WAG and MAG 10.1.95

Version 10.1.99 / 10.2.17 – 24th Feb 2020 – Minor fixes

T387 New Print DMT and TUM to include Bonus (Already handled Penalty) 10.1.97, 10.2.17
T386 New Allow one HD score to be entered without giving a warning Fixed 10.1.97, 10.2.17
T385 New Increase synchro score precision to 2 decimal places Fixed 10.1.97, 10.2.17
T378 10.1.91 Printed results gives incorrect positions per flight if there are ties Fixed 10.1.97, 10.2.08

Version 10.1.93 – 6th Dec 2019 – Artistic Gymnastics improvements

T371 10.1.91 Email to entrants sometimes show wrong panel Fixed – affected classes / flights with interleaved start times 10.1.93
T370 New Grey out all but first class name in export list Makes the results clearer to read 10.1.93
T369 New Artistic Gym results export – add class to teams list Needed to see which class they were in 10.1.93
T368 10.1.91 SQL Error filtering ‘needing certificates ‘ from Edit Clubs Fixed – obsure consequence of ‘Saluting’ enhancement 10.1.93

Version 10.1.91- 24th Nov 2019 – Artistic Gymnastics improvements

T367 10.1.90 Bonus. Penalty and ToF scores can be added even if hidden Edit a class after scoring, the hidden scores were still added 10.1.91
T366 10.1.90 Edit Classes only allowed default panel up to 5 Extended to 8 10.1.91
T365 10.1.90 Round totals nulled rather than 0.00, avoids misleading rankings Tidies up the listings.  (Can override with ZeroTotals test setting) 10.1.91
T364 10.1.90 Improved ‘overall results’ artistic handling Better export format and content. ‘Fix’ option to repair totals 10.1.91

Version 10.1.90- 16th Nov 2019 – Timetabling enhancements

T363 New Added ‘Give Up’ option to email sending Avoids all those ‘Ok’ clicks when sending 200 emails goes wrong! 10.1.90
T362 New Added ‘CC’ list to mailing form Lets you add more people to copy on emails you send out 10.1.90
T361 10.1.89 Flight marker lines not always correct and sometimes missing Fixed in Timetable Editor 10.1.90
T360 New Core changes to ‘Qualification’ structures Nothing viaible to user yet – just internal reorganisation 10.1.90
T359 10.1.89 Increase max length of clubname is ‘Clubs’ table Now 120 10.1.90
T358 New Generate ‘Overall Score’ export for Artistic Gymnastics Sums the individual apparatus for each gymnast 10.1.90
T357 New Add HTML format programme listing Uses a Template to set styles. Handy for posting to WordPress! 10.1.90
T356 New Switch added to stop joining classes into flights in timetable editor Useful if you want to do your own session design 10.1.90

Version 10.1.89  8th November 2019 – New season USAG changes

T355 10.1.84 USAG 2020 class and rule changes Note – new mobility scores are still unknown 10.1.88
T354 10.1.84 Different DP for eTotal vs Round total Misleading mixed precision used in Export results 10.1.88
T353 New Allow ‘Did Not Start’ marker for athletes, in addition to Withdrawn Option added for US athletes who just ‘salute’ for credit. 10.1.88
T352 10.1.84 Panel number missing from 2nd and subsequent results pages Fixed 10.1.88
T351 10.1.84 Allow e-score range check per class Each class can set its own warning limit for e-score differences 10.1.88
T350 10.1.84 Suppress duplicate competitor number warnings Button on warning message wasn’t working! 10.1.88
T349 New Ignore blank rows on Import files the same as entry forms 10.1.88
T348 New Entrants missed if more than 4 blank rows on entry form Increased number of blank rows to read ahead 10.1.88
T347 10.1.84 Print results fails for Acro Fixed 10.1.88
T346 10.1.84 Unix style LF fails reading classes file Better error message for bad class defn file 10.1.88
T345 10.1.84 Set 2DP precision for Acro difficulty 10.1.88

Version 10.1.84 21st August 2019 – New season BG NDP changes

T344 10.1.81 Finish times wrong in timetabler if prior class  has 0 entrants Very special obscure conditions, but annoying when it happens! 10.1.83
T343 New Allow times less that 15 seconds per entrant The minimum is now 10 seconds – useful for USA flight times 10.1.83
T342 New Print certificates to file Certs can be written to a Word file per club/school for later print 10.1.83
T341 10.1.81 Allow longer ‘BG number’ for gymnasts Allow 20 chars so you can put 2 people in a synchro team 10.1.83
T340 10.1.81 Acro events not recognised correctly in New Comp 10.1.83
T339 10.1.81 New season BG NDP Rules and Tie breaks Age groups and qualifying scores for NDP TRA & DMT. Revised Tie Breaks 10.1.84

Version 10.1.81 1st June 2019 – Minor changes

T338 10.1.75 Handle different tiebreak rules within the same event Export and Print assumed same tiebreak rules in some cases 10.1.81
T337 New Filter competition status by day 10.1.81
T336 Internal Overhaul of Settings storage – separate table No impact on use 10.1.81

Version 10.1.77 21st Mar 2019 – BG Tie break fix

T335 10.1.71 Tie break for NDP with RC can be wrong Affects DMT and TRA 10.1.77

Version 10.1.76 20th Mar 2019 – USAG Scoring rule change

T344 New Support for non-English ‘gender’ identifiers in import files Neeed for Greece and others 10.1.76
T343 New Report generated for unmatched classes during ahtlete import Useful for resolving age/grade lookup issues 10.1.76
T342 New USAG scoring rule changes for Elite Added ‘Median Score’ option for 3-Judge TUM/DMT/TRA-HD 10.1.76
T341 10.1.71 Some USAG class files are not recognised as USAG Fixed – affects the use of age/grade lookup files 10.1.76
T340 10.1.71 Inconsistent behaviour in New/Edit competition Bit of a tidy up to avoid confusing usage 10.1.76
T339 10.1.71 Moving class in a flight can leave it ‘overlaid’ in timetabler Better drag/drop. Better implementation of Highlighting 10.1.76
T338 New Better labelling and display in timetable editor Show number of entrants, also enhance tooltip popup content 10.1.76
T337 New Warn the user if fewer e-judges than expected are used New feature added – optional popup plus ‘Judges!’ warning 10.1.76
T336 New Change default setting of ‘Separate results per state’ Should avoid a number of confusing situations! 10.1.76
T335 10.1.71 Not all emails are sent for imported multi-discipline athletes Fixed 10.1.76
T334 New Add a more obvious Search option to the scoring form Works the same way as double-clicking the gymnast name 10.1.76
T333 New Performance improvement when switching competitors Reduce the number of times scoring form layout is applied 10.1.76

Version 10.1.71 3rd Mar 2019 – Import R&C scores (BG) plus USA Class Lookup fixes

T332 10.1.70 NDP Times are all too long Now TRA=210s, DMT=270s DMT WU=45s.
Recommend you set default WU=90s
T331 New BG needs us to import R&C scores from previous events New option added to Import/Export. 10.1.71
T330 10.1.70 USAG Lookups missing for U6 age and for Open Elite grade 2 lookup files amended 10.1.71

Version 10.1.70- 24th Feb 2019 – USAG classes & Tie-breaks incl HUGS

T329 New License messages confusing – multiple popups for temp license Simplified 10.1.70
T328 New Repair missing DB Sequence – this stopped you adding athletes Cause was use of (unsupported) PostgreSQL v 10.5 10.1.70
T327 New Show Comp Type on details screen and improve class defn file Base comp type is now explicitly set in the Class Defn files. 10.1.70
T326 New Tell user why Print Results is not available Message – must select a class first 10.1.70
T325 New Show RC score on printed results and warn about tie-break Needed for Regional NDP Qualifiers 10.1.70
T324 10.1.60 Print R&C Candidates header was wrong (mentioned ‘Team’) Fixed 10.1.70
T323 10.1.60 Automatic network scanning failed for XP computers Old format of IPConfig now handled ok 10.1.70
T322 10.1.60 Moving classes from one spanel to another moves other days too Only affected the ‘bulk’ move option 10.1.70
T321 New Separate USAG class files for 2 vs 4/6 E-Judges Also added HUGS class definitions for TRA and TUM 10.1.70
T320 New Save classes now orders by Discipline, Gender, Grade, Age 10.1.70
T319 New Increase max classes to 600 10.1.70
T318 New Separate checklist worksheets for each day of competition 10.1.70
T317 New Add long club name to programme listing 10.1.70
T316 10.1.60 Database in use can cause crash during delete competition option Fixed (obscure case!) 10.1.70
T315 10.1.60 Team members omitted if they score zero Now only ignored if actually withdrawn 10.1.70
T314 New USAG 2019 Tie-break rules now include HD New tiebreaks added. USAG definition files amended 10.1.70
T313 10.1.60 Class minimum height too big on magnified timetable editor Reduced height of box for expanded timescale 10.1.70
T312 10.1.60 Classlist dropdown immediately vanishes if too many classes Reduced height to allow for smaller screens 10.1.70

Version 10.1.68- 10th Feb 2019 – Fixes incl more USAG classes & NDP R&C Tie-breaks

T311 New UK NDP Tumbling class definition changes for 2019 Some tweaks the age groups 10.1.60
T310 10.1.60 Email results format not great for 4-pass DMT / TUM Improved 10.1.60
T309 10.1.60 Cannot print just teams or RC – always need Individuals Fixed 10.1.60
T308 10.1.60 Cannot recover from Excel lock up without restarting TScore Now attempts a new process – not guaranteed though! 10.1.60
T307 10.1.60 Allow non-English numeric ordnals to be supported (e.g. Greek).  Currently needs a registry change to implement 10.1.60
T306 10.1.60 Blank pages in some checklists Further page-length calculation improvements 10.1.60
T305 10.1.60 Entrants with unset grades ignored on entry form Warnings are now generated for these 10.1.60
T304 New Recognise both upper and lower case file extensions Affected entry form processing mainly 10.1.60
T303 10.1.60 Error exporting DMT-only results if showing ‘Original AgeGroups’ Fixed 10.1.60
T302 New Improve SQL Error logging Messages logged to Public\Documents\TScoreX\TStemp 10.1.60
T301 New Show R&C score on printed results 10.1.60
T300 New Better message if you create a database with existing name Improvement 10.1.60
T299 10.1.60 Competition status shows wrong scheduled finish for 2 beds Altered to include 2-bed correction 10.1.60
T298 10.1.60 Competitor list sometimes shows horizontal scroll bar Adjusted column labels and widths 10.1.60
T297 10.1.60 Error in Classes.txt file can cause multiple popups Database reconnect code improved 10.1.60
T296 New NDP Qualifier now has a new tie-break – using R&C score Added as ‘NDP 2018RC’ – set this on the new competition screen 10.1.60
T295 10.1.60 USAG Imported classes not always matching Improved to work against 2019 class names 10.1.60
T294 10.1.60 TScore shows midday as 12am Now it shows 12pm 10.1.60
T293 New Extend database connection warning messages Make them more informative, with more specific advice. 10.1.60
T292 10.1.60 RC scoring may get stuck with invalid entry Better trap added 10.1.60
T291 10.1.60 Email may miss recently added competitors No longer need to run the timetable editor to work round this! 10.1.60
T290 New Improve HD score error detection. Also treat 10 as 10.0. Now checks value lies within correct range for number of moves 10.1.60

Version 10.1.60- 6th Jan 2019 – Minor fixes incl USAG classes

T289 10.1.58 Reduce compete time for UK schools to 220 seconds Existing times were too long. Advise set warmup to 100 secs. 10.1.60
T288 New Remove Trophy Labels sheets for absent disciplines 10.1.60
T287 10.1.58 Class defns for Include HD, QualBoth2, Include Bonus ignored Fixed 10.1.60
T286 10.1.58 USAG Class defn file anomolies Improved consistency 10.1.60

Version 10.1.58- 16th Dec 2018 – Two fixes

T285 10.1.54 Cannot print Synchro results – only preview Immediate printing fails with Subscript out of bounds error 10.1.58
T284 10.1.54 Network identification needs to filter NCAP driver Tecchie issue! 10.1.58

Version 10.1.56- 30th Nov 2018 – Various fixes – one important for schools

T283 10.1.54 1st flight of 1st panel may only give one row on recorder sheet Fixed 10.1.56
T282 10.1.54 Occasional crash from Competition Status Improved some traps, but unable to repeat the original problem 10.1.56
T281 10.1.54 Withdrawn team members were listed in export 10.1.56
T280 New Refresh the Competition Status display when hide/show printed 10.1.56
T279 10.1.54 HD columns show as E5 & E6 in printed results >=2nd page Fixed 10.1.56
T278 10.1.54 BSGA Tie break error Important tie-break fix for schools 10.1.56

Version 10.1.54- 20th Nov 2018 – Various fixes – some important

T277 New Autotest improvements – alert verification errors Verify added, included acro, handle teams, fix discipline error 10.1.54
T276 10.1.37 Treat grade as short class name on import If other methods cannot identify the class, try this one 10.1.54
T275 10.1.37 Teams missing from export if choose / actual age/ option Fixed 10.1.54
T274 10.1.37 Better ‘short name’ handling and usage Don’t override in checklists. Smart shortening for schools. 10.1.54
T273 10.1.37 Default club emails may fail to save to the database Fixed 10.1.53
T272 10.1.37 Clubs not listed alphabetically in Timetable file Fixed 10.1.53
T271 10.1.37 Reprocessing entry forms shortens Clubs list in Timetable file Only the processed clubs were listed.  Fixed 10.1.52
T270 10.1.37 Misleading message after Import Timetable and programme are not created at this stage 10.1.52
T269 10.1.37 Teams missing from DMT with zero finals Changed criteria to use qualifying rounds only 10.1.52
T268 10.1.37 Very long club names can cause SQL error Better length traps for some fields 10.1.52
T267 10.1.37 Better qualification setting labels A bit less misleading now! 10.1.52
T266 New Move entire panel to another panel or day New options added to Timetable panel header 10.1.52
T265 New Provide optional templates for each discipline’s man rec sheets Can now use  RecorderACR etc. 10.1.52
T264 New Need option to include/exclude penalty from Qualification scores Added 10.1.52
T263 10.1.37 Dropped network connection can need a TScore restart Improved some error traps. 10.1.52
T262 10.1.37 Improve DB connection error text Don’t mention OLEDB driver if it isn’t being used! 10.1.52
T261 10.1.37 Finish Class fails if Round 1 is incorrect Fixed 10.1.52
T260 10.1.37 Unset hidden class options causes scoring errors Example – HD could be left set for a DMT class 10.1.52
T259 10.1.37 Slow server detection/database verification Changed switch defaults to fast detection and no verification 10.1.52
T258 10.1.37 Edit Database form not centred Fixed 10.1.52
T257 10.1.37 Improve normalization of email address lists Avoids multiple emails being send 10.1.52

Version 10.1.37- 5th Oct 2018 – Numerous extensions, fixes, performance improvement

T257 New Performance and installation improved TScore now uses an integral ODBC database connector 10.1.37
T256 10.1.30 NDP and schools entry forms had a few issues Fixed picklists and tweaked instructions 10.1.37
T255 10.1.30 Stop it accepting ‘<database name>’ as the database name! Fixed 10.1.37
T254 10.1.30 Change round labels for Acro to Bal, Dyn and Fnl Fixed 10.1.37
T253 10.1.30 New scores are always green, not blue as the manual says Fixed 10.1.37
T252 10.1.30 Acro scores calculated incorrectly Deductions not applied, 2nd Artistic score added instead, Fixed 10.1.37
T251 10.1.30 Date conversion error  if class scheduled beyond midnight Fixed 10.1.37
T250 10.1.30 Errors in Acro export reports or fails completely Fixed – updated template and ensured it is in the installer! 10.1.37
T249 10.1.30 ‘Unable to get the Open property of the Workbooks class’ error Ignore Excel lock files when processing entry forms 10.1.37
T248 New We should auto-repair corrupt entry forms if possible Improved 10.1.37
T247 New Allow 4 disciplines per entrant in import file Needed for Canada 10.1.37
T246 New Add extra import fields for Canadian import files Added synchro partners, ability to guess age/gender from grade 10.1.37
T245 10.1.30 Importing entrants twice breaks timetable class display Reset and reload the class list properly 10.1.37
T244 New Simplify timetable editor intenrals to allow more classes (500) Changed to dynamic control creation for future expansion 10.1.37
T243 10.1.30 Faster excel file processing / prevent ‘in use’ blocks Added a read-only flag internally 10.1.37
T242 10.1.30 Not all athletes loaded when startup a comp >2500 entrants Flag to force safe load mode. ODBC driver avoids this though. 10.1.37
T241 New Remove record limit and improve performance Implemented new ODBC connector – no need for separate install 10.1.37
T240 10.1.30 Chair deductions missing from Acro printed results Fixed 10.1.37
T239 10.1.30 Not all emails are sent for WAG/MAG Remove the ‘apparatus’ filter from email list filters 10.1.37
T238 10.1.30 No qualifying round totals listed if aero final Improved the entrant list display options 10.1.37
T237 New Increase competitor name length to 80 For acro groups. Also improved the display text sizing 10.1.37
T236 10.1.30 Import could generate duplicate classes Several ‘special cases’ fixed 10.1.37
T235 New Generated class names could be improved Better handling for a combined Grade/Age description 10.1.37
T234 10.1.30 Grade/Age/Discipline/Gender lookups failed with blanks Fixed 10.1.37
T233 10.1.30 Network computer detection stopped working with W10 1703 Implemented alternative method of finding network computers 10.1.37

Version 10.1.30- 25th Aug 2018 – Minor fixes, 2018-19 season UK rules

T232 10.1.29 Duplicate classes created if Age or Grade too long Affected importing from csv / Excel 10.1.30
T231 New New BSGA class definitions and entry forms For 2018-19 – new rules. Entry form tweaks for BG. 10.1.30
T230 10.1.29 Class list is still cached after deleting a class Fixed 10.1.30
T229 10.1.29 Club list sorting error in timetable Excel file Fixed 10.1.30
T228 New Read Discipline from classname if no column present Improved import functionality 10.1.30
T227 10.1.29 Picking full screen on very high res monitor crashes Fixed 10.1.30
T226 10.1.29 Move Scores doesn’t clear totals or position
T225 New Allow SWESCORE export  as a ‘hidden’ option Also added start order and class name to the export 10.1.30
T224 10.1.29 Crash on importing into a new comp if no clubs Fixed 10.1.30

Version 10.1.28- 27th June 2018 – Minor fixes

T220 10.1.27 Artistic should have 1 round except for vault (option for 2) More intelligent checks added! 10.1.28
T219 New Useful to be able to ‘peek’ at the Excel password in config Press down arrow  to show password 10.1.28
T218 10.1.27 Scoring Artistic can fail during Save (index out of bounds) Fixed – Tie-break calculation error 10.1.28
T217 10.1.27 New competition for Artistic (and other non-TRA) can fail Reports unable to read the classes file.  Fixed 10.1.28

Version 10.1.27- 17th June 2018 – Minor fixes and enhancements

T216 10.1.26 Blank pages in some checklists Template format tweaked a bit to reduce margins 10.1.27
T215 New Use USA AM/PM format for emailed start times Added for USA terminology. 10.1.27
T215 New BSGA need a tie break that includes HD HD added to the 2009 tiebreak scheme 10.1.27
T214 10.1.26 Emailed start times are sorted by class start, not by flight Fixed 10.1.27
T213 New Would like a choice or ordering for emailed lists Can now select order by name, time or class. Improved layout. 10.1.27
T212 New Want to see difficulty scores for each team member Difficulty added to printed results 10.1.27
T211 10.1.26 Quoted headers unrecognised in CSV import files Quotes are now stripped 10.1.27
T210 10.1.26 Tie break for Pole needs to check TD score Fixed 10.1.27
T209 10.1.26 Export results fails if template is missing a worksheet Improved error handling for undefined classes on import 10.1.27
T208 10.1.26 Pole needs to support zero final when only 1 qualifying round Fixed. 10.1.27
T207 10.1.26 Pole TD score should be the net positive score, not deduction Changed. Enter 1.0 if you really mean  it! 10.1.27
T206 New ’10’ is interpreted at 1.0 for HD whereas 10.0 would be better Changed. Enter 1.0 if you really mean  it! 10.1.27

Version 10.1.26- 30th May 2018 – Privacy, Fixes

T205 10.1.25 Pasting round 4 scores – error handling fix Failed if pasting into class with <4 rounds 10.1.26
T204 10.1.25 Buttons clipped on Win 10 ‘Comp Status’ form Resized a bit 10.1.26
T203 10.1.25 ‘Ghost’ competitors left in flights after deletion The flight lookup list is now rebuilt on deletion 10.1.26
T202 10.1.25 Class times sheet in timetable has wrong start times Fixed 10.1.26
T201 10.1.25 Officals duplicated in lists Better detection and recovery when reloading entry forms 10.1.26
T200 10.1.25 Cells containing unrepresentable data stop file from loading Improved error reporting for entry forms with invalid cells 10.1.26
T199 New BG entry lists – name/partner name duplicates handled Needed for Acro especially 10.1.26
T198 New New fields recognised for BG entry lists EntryStatus, TeamID/Name, PartnershipID/Name 10.1.26
T197 New Optional inclusion of BG/USAG number in export results GDPR compliance – reduce PII 10.1.26
T196 10.1.25 License message overflows on screens with magnified text Mde text smaller / area bigger 10.1.26
T195 New Print by flight for Syncho, DMT Just split classes at present – composite flights coming later! 10.1.26
T194 New Read password protected Excel entry forms You can set, apply and remove a password for all entry forms 10.1.26
T193 New Improved automatic class creation when importing athletes Better creation of ‘Short Name’ 10.1.26
T192 10.1.25 Crash resizing timetable on high res screen Fixed – also affected Edit Teams screen 10.1.26
T191 10.1.25 Clubs list overflows – previous comp clubs left in list General tidy up of club lists when swapping databases 10.1.26
T190 New Improvements to multiple entrant detection 10.1.26

Version 10.1.25- 24th Apr 2018 – Privacy, Emails, Fixes

T189 New Additional USAG age lookups Single age values now match ranges 10.1.24
T188 New Improved athlete count report for USAG/BG import Now reports number of athletes, not just number of entries 10.1.24
T187 New Filter out excess rows in recorder sheets 10.1.24
T186 New Checklist layout improvements More per-discipline sheets, portrait/landscape control fixes 10.1.24
T185 10.1.16 Finals results missing from the Export spreadsheet Fixed 10.1.24
T184 New Entry forms take Year, not full DoB Enhanced privacy. Year of birth / School year 10.1.24
T183 New BCC capability in Email for GDPR privacy Provide your own ‘undisclosed’ To email address, others BCC 10.1.24
T182 New Email repair capability in Edit Clubs Tries to fix absent emails from club settings 10.1.24
T181 New Default email list for each club, automatically built. New database table to store defaults. 10.1.24
T180 New Test mode for emails Lets you check whether all entrants have emails set 10.1.24
T179 10.1.20 Class definition list not refreshed for TRA Swapping disciplines on the New Competition form 10.1.24

Beta Version 10.1.20- 09 Apr 2018 – Acro & Pole

T178 10.1.17 ‘And/Or’ text visible in class editor when no qualification shown Showed up in artistic classes for example 10.1.20
T177 New Remove unused worksheets from Export Now cleans up the unused disciplines 10.1.20
T176 10.1.17 Timetable spreadsheet sometimes failed to change colours Fixed – successive flights / different class now change colour 10.1.20
T175 10.1.17 Performance improvement for generating trophy list Improved Excel automation technique 10.1.20
T174 10.1.17 Performance improvement for connecting to Excel Fewer, quicker retries 10.1.20
T173 New Add option to print individual results ‘tickets’ after each score Used for Gymnastics, but now optional for other disciplines. 10.1.20
T172 10.1.17 Misaligned tied position value on printing Specific combinations of rounds/discipline caused problems 10.1.20
T171 10.1.17 ‘Print Qualifiers Certificates’ is left checked when printing results Caused problems – certs print instead of results! 10.1.20
T170 10.1.17 Dozens of Alerts to dismiss if USAG import goes wrong Improved error handling for undefined classes on import 10.1.20
T169 10.1.17 Sometimes positions are not updated when scoring Fixed bug in this area – seems more reliable now 10.1.20
T168 New Support for IPSF Pole Sports events New discipline added – currently trial only 10.1.20
T167 New Support for Acrobatic Gymnastics events New discipline added – currently trial only 10.1.20

 Released Version 10.1.17 – 17 Mar 2018

T166 10.1.16 Cosmetic – Tied places “=” markers on wrong line in printed results Fixed printed results 10.1.17

 Released Version 10.1.16 – 12 Mar 2018

T165 10.1.14 Qualify incomplete routines flag ignored for DMT/TUM Fixed 10.1.16
T164 10.1.14 Performance problems – slow load when click ‘Score’ Optimised to reduce delay by up to 75% 10.1.16
T163 10.1.14 Printed results show unused rows TRI and DMT/TUM now hide rows for absent passes/routines 10.1.16
T162 New Allow selection of email account for sending An Outlook email account can be picked from list in preferences. 10.1.16
T161 10.1.14 Cannot set number of judges for panels 6-8 Preferences screen extended 10.1.16

 Released Version 10.1.14 – Mar 2018

T160 10.1.10 Panel picker only lists 5 panels Extras added 10.1.14
T159 10.1.10 Trophy list is not always updated reliably Forced regeneration of trophy list added 10.1.14
T158 10.1.10 Need to clear the officials list when swapping competitions Fixed 10.1.14
T157 10.1.10 Entering 2 moves for DMT stops qualification markers Now ignores >1 in this field. 10.1.14
T156 10.1.10 Case correction wrong for some school names Short conjunctions etc are no longer converted 10.1.14
T155 New Can we show up to the top 10 places for tropies? Totals now go to 10 places, labels configurable 10.1.14
T154 10.1.10 Club name limit exceeded switching between comps Fixed – Reset club list on load 10.1.14
T153 10.1.10 Comp details missing from email One email combination didn’t substitute comp name etc. 10.1.14
T152 10.1.10 No warmup time on checklists for flights before 9.00am Fixed 10.1.14

 Released Version 10.1.10 – Feb 2018

T151 10.1.08 Corrected  USA qualify/mobilize labels on scoring screen ..and on printed results 10.1.10
T150 10.1.08 Corrected  USA qualify/mobilize labels on scoring screen ..and on printed results 10.1.10
T149 New Is it possible to import start numbers for gymnasts from file? New feature added for fixed start numbers – in Set Start 10.1.10

Released Version 10.1.08 – Feb 2018

T148 New Corrected some USA terminolgy in export templates 10.1.08
T147 New Hide ‘Print per-flight’ box if print individuals is not selected Cosmetic 10.1.08
T146 New Add athlete number and dummy header number in Programme This lets you easily sort the programme by athlete number 10.1.08
T145 New Allow 4 rounds in printed programme Previously limited to Set, Vol, Final 10.1.08
T144 New List team members on the team results export sheet 10.1.08
T143 10.1.00 Per-flight printed results gave overall positions Now shows position within each flight 10.1.08
T142 New Number of panels increased to 8 per day 10.1.08
T141 10.1.00 Find entrant from scoring form Double click entrant name and start typing… 10.1.06
T140 New Competitor search perfomance improvement Now it only searches when you stop typing for a moment! 10.1.06
T139 10.1.00 UK NDP Tumbling class definition errors Fixed 10.1.06
T138 10.1.00 UK NDP Tumbling class definition errors Fixed 10.1.06
T137 10.1.00 USAG TRA/TUM class definition errors Fixed 10.1.06
T136 10.1.00 Certificate template has to be .DOC Check for both DOC and DOCX files 10.1.06
T135 New Allow your own and per-competition templates Tries <comp folder>\Templates\, then TScoreX/MyTemplates 10.1.06
T134 10.1.00 Multiple copies of results not printed Fixed 10.1.06
T133 New Allow smaller flights for Tumbling (typically 7-9) Minimum flight count can be set in Preferences 10.1.06
T132 New Show am/pm times for USA Partially implemented – ongoing 10.1.06
T131 10.1.00 Unable to drop flight over phantom timetable entry Invisible classes cleaned up! 10.1.06
T130 10.1.00 Entries on explicitly named form tabs are ignored if B3 unset Avoid the need to set the discipline in B3 for named tabs 10.1.06
T129 New Different checklist templates per discipline Template can now have separate worksheets for each discipline 10.1.06
T128 10.1.00 Qualify/Mobility scores were reversed in class editor for USA Fixed 10.1.06
T127 10.1.00 Older versions of PostgreSQL failed to set flight times Fixed 10.1.06

 Released Version 10.1.00 – Jan 2018

T126 New Improve page control for checklists Updated templates and processing 10.1.00
T125 New Change DMT timing to 5 minutes by default Updated UK NDP class definition file 10.1.00
T124 New Allow team count on entry form to be edited Users can now override if calculation is incorrect 10.1.00
T123 New Add 2018 USAG Qualification scores Class definition updated 10.1.00
T122 New Print results per flight Additional option on the Print Options dialog 10.1.00
T121 10.0.44 Cannot move whole panel time if end is later than 17.00 Extended to 23.00 10.1.00
T120 New Set row height for trophy labels list All labels are now legible! 10.1.00
T119 New Save edited club shortened names Short names now added to ClubNames.txt file 10.1.00
T118 New Show flight number in entrant list New feature added 10.1.00
T117 10.0.44 Teams with apostrophes in are not recalculated Fixed 10.1.00
T116 10.0.44 Not all scores update when changing team members Fixed recalcualtion logic 10.1.00
T115 New Change bounce order and flights more easily Drag-drop ordering added to Edit Database screen 10.1.00

 Released Version 10.0.44 – November 2017

T114 10.0.42 Lists and results often overflow the boxes for long names Changed as many as possible to ‘Fit text’. 10.0.44
T113 10.0.42 Officials list wiped whenever you reload entry forms Also improved ‘TBA’ handling and blocked duplicates. 10.0.44
T112 10.0.42 Synchro export misses some results. Format problems. Fixed 10.0.44
T111 10.0.42 Class editor shows wrong ’rounds’ changing TRI->DMT Only seen if TRI has final.  Fixed. 10.0.44
T110 10.0.42 Club name ending with “& X” or “and X” loses last letter Now distinguishes club name from team better 10.0.44
T109 New Shrink font if entrant name has 2 rows Better display for Synchro 10.0.44
T108 New Improved control over checklist layout Read orientation and row height from the template 10.0.44
T107 10.0.42 Checklist print range unset if fewer than 3 entrants Stopped it destroying large areas of rainforest 10.0.44
T106 10.0.42 BSGA Zonal entry form had wrong year set Fixed 10.0.44

 Released Version 10.0.42 – November 2017

T105 New Move panel before 9.00am Can now set timetable start from as early as 6.00am 10.0.41

 Released Version 10.0.41 – November 2017

T104 New USAG 2018 mobility scores update First pass at this – only partial information available 10.0.41
T103 10.0.39 Default database name not slected on New Comp form Unset name now selects all – like the other fields 10.0.41
T102 10.0.39 UK NDP TPD qualifying scores wrong Corrected from latest BG documents 10.0.41
T101 New Add flight number to export results spreadsheet Allows sorting by flight/position for per-flight awards (part 1) 10.0.41
T100 New Qualifying scores overhaul Major rework of Qualifying scores – needed for USAG 10.0.41
T099 10.0.39 Certificates have wrong values or fail to print Fixed – misaligned data fields 10.0.41

 Released Version 10.0.39  – 4th November 2017

T098 New Rename and Archive competition databases Can hide / show archived competitions and rename databases 10.0.39
T097 New Order class picklist by start time when single panel chosen Picking a single panel will now list classes in timetable order 10.0.39
T096 10.0.38 BG no longer require a special reporting format The ‘Export to BG’ option has been removed 10.0.39
T095 10.0.38 HD1 & HD2 shown as E5 &E6 on export sheets Headers are now HD1/E5, HD2/E6 to allow for both options 10.0.39
T094 10.0.38 Legend out of date for UK NDP results Reworded legend sheet in UK Export template 10.0.39
T093 10.0.38 Completed event shows as running late in Status report Improved calculations in competition status 10.0.39
T092 10.0.37 Scoring form too big for some screens Height is now limited to available screen size 10.0.39

 Released Version 10.0.38  – 22nd October 2017

T091 10.0.37 Schema version never updated TScore was taking an extra second or two to startup 10.0.38
T090 10.0.37 Stuck in loop after  erroneous input Very special circumstances, but annoying when it happens! 10.0.38
T089 10.0.37 Total calculation error if correcting mistype Affects TRA with manual HD. CRITICAL FIX 10.0.38

Released Version 10.0.37 – 8th October 2017

T088 10.0.34 Loading demo comps keeps prompting Demo comp import no longer asks for confirmation 10.0.37
T087 10.0.34 Generate checklist for finalists only give error Fixed crash when changing number of finalists 10.0.37
T086 10.0.34 Synchro export unset totals/posns for some templates Better handling of different print templates 10.0.37
T085 10.0.34 Officials and comments mis-matched in Timetable file Extended range of cells to sort when listing officials 10.0.37
T084 10.0.34 Minor errors on some entry forms – date limits etc. Various updates for sample entry forms 10.0.37
T083 10.0.34 SQL Error creating finalist checklists Fixed SQL syntax error 10.0.37

Released Version 10.0.34 – 19th September 2017

T082 10.0.33 SQL Error reported Error reported calculating ‘finished’ class with a final 10.0.34

Released Version 10.0.33 – 9th September 2017

T081 10.0.32 DoB limits wrong Some entry forms blocked DoB after 2010 10.0.33
T080 New Gymnast numbers for Tumbling New way to assign gymnast numbers – random order within class 10.0.33

Released Version 10.0.32 – 31st August 2017

T079 New Synchro rule change New method of e-Score calculation for synchro 10.0.32

Released Version 10.0.31 – 19th August 2017

T078 10.0.30 Edit comp problems Tie break and other values not showing correctly 10.0.31
T078 10.0.30 Sub-total error Unset e-score could subtract 1.0 from subtotal 10.0.31
T078 10.0.30 Edit comp problems Tie break and other values not showing correctly 10.0.31
T077 New Rule Changes for BG, BSGA New class files and entry forms for NDP and BSGA 2017-2018 10.0.31

Released Version 10.0.30 – 12th July 2017

T076 10.0.28 Tooltips missing on some buttons Preferences and Email screens improved 10.0.30
T075 10.0.28 No progress bar on export results If run from Edit Comp screen, no visible sign of activity 10.0.30
T074 10.0.28 Class file sometimes locked Occasionally get ‘cannot open file’ for new competition 10.0.30
T073 10.0.28 Incorrect label when HD enabled Subtotal is E+H, not just E 10.0.30
T072 10.0.28 Multiple ‘Class finished’ popups When updating all scores, dozens of popups! 10.0.30
T071 10.0.28 R4 Copy button left on screen After copying, the 4th button isn’t removed 10.0.30

Released Version 10.0.29 – 6th May 2017

T070 10.0.25 Print TRA results fails sometimes Error for some combinations of BON/PEN and template versions 10.0.29

Released Version 10.0.28 – 9th Apr 2017

T069 10.0.27 Tweaks to USAG online import Better handling of anomolies in USAG online athlete lists 10.0.28

Released Version 10.0.27 – 1st Apr 2017

T068 10.0.25 Improve licensing Emergency licences now run for 10 days 10.0.27
T067 New Zoom timetable display Double-size option for packed timetables! 10.0.27
T066 New Import USAG online athlete entries Create a USAG comp and use Import Entrants 10.0.27

Released Version 10.0.25 – 25th Mar 2017

T065 10.0.23 Import database error recovery issues Improved – doesn’t clear server name now 10.0.25
T064 New USAG events need 3 decimal places in totals 10.0.25
T063 New Remember the sorted column in Status 10.0.25
T062 10.0.23 Calculation of qualifiers/mobility ignores penalty Affected printed and exported results 10.0.25

Released Version 10.0.23 – 12th Mar 2017

T061 10.0.22 Improved ‘class finished’ detection Also gives the option to zero the move count or withdraw 10.0.23

Released Version 10.0.22 – 10th Mar 2017

T060 10.0.18 USAG-JO Class definition fixes DD included in Qual/Mob scores. Reduced times. 10.0.22
T059 10.0.18 Change labels for P1, P2 etc to R1, R2 P1 (pass) was confusing (panel). Use R (run or round) 10.0.22
T058 10.0.18 Default picker to ‘All Classes’ in Edit On balance the change to 1st class wasn’t the best decision! 10.0.22
T057 10.0.18 Conflict not detected for multi-class flights Improved clash detection method 10.0.22
T056 10.0.18 License info overflows on Settings page Extended the area 10.0.22
T055 10.0.18 Need better output format for tt conflicts Replaced alert with a scrollable text area 10.0.22

Released Version 10.0.18 – 27th Feb 2017

T054 10.0.17 Setting ‘Moves’ doesn’t change ‘Save’ status Fixed 10.0.18
T053 10.0.17 Setting ‘Moves’ in Rnd 3 updated Rnd 2 Never used in practice, but fixed anyway! 10.0.18
T052 10.0.17 Status only shows R3, R4 if class has ‘Final’ set Fixed 10.0.18
T051 New Option to show Competitor Start Number Score form previously showed bounce order only 10.0.18
T050 10.0.17 Comp status doesn’t show pass 4 Added this to the table 10.0.18
T049 10.0.17 Print tumbling/DMT page length wrong Template error plus ignored ‘entrants per page’ setting 10.0.18
T048 10.0.17 Export Tumbling scores format errors R1 Penalty as integer, position had decimal place 10.0.18
T047 10.0.17 Print Tumbling results didn’t show Penalties Fixed 10.0.18
T046 10.0.17 Print Tumbling results misaligned columns Template version mis-match 10.0.18

Released Version 10.0.17 – 24th Feb 2017

T045 10.0.16 Label layout glitches in class editor Only affected displays with magnified text 10.0.17
T044 10.0.16 Incorrect ‘E6’ label for HD2 Fixed 10.0.17
T043 10.0.16 Auto-zero move improved Now works for <5 e-judges too! 10.0.17
T042 10.0.16 Import/Export failed if folder has spaces Important fix! 10.0.17
T041 10.0.16 ‘Day’ unset for CSV imported classes Fixed 10.0.17
T040 10.0.16 All ‘All Classes’ panel filter Useful for mixed flights 10.0.17
T039 New Improved CSV import – auto class creation Added ‘template classes’, match classes by discipline 10.0.17

Released Version 10.0.16 – 19th Feb 2017

T038 New Timetable conflict spotter A new option to list gymnasts with schedule conflicts 10.0.16
T037 New Improve table layout in class editor Relabelled and resized a number of columns 10.0.16
T036 10.0.12 Qualification not recorded for old template Using an old Export template file didn’t highlight qualifiers 10.0.16
T035 New Support Multi-day timetabling Added the ability to timetable up to 3 days 10.0.16
T034 10.0.12 Discipline not set in Class Editor In a multi-discipline event, ‘Trampoline’ was never set 10.0.16
T033 10.0.12 New Competition form too big for screen Some smaller screens couldn’t fit it on 10.0.16

VScore Bugs, Fixes and Enhancements

 Ref Found In Description Details Fixed In
V034 10.1.0 Web publishing fails to write html files Fixed! 10.1.1
V033 New Set colour of the ‘latest score’ text Uses the ‘Unset Panel’ colour in settings 10.0.33
V032 10.0.30 Long time on blank screen with multiple empty competitions Fixed 10.0.31
V031 10.0.30 Status error popup when reading multiple competitions Fixed 10.0.31
V030 10.0.14 Error saving web page for merged class Invalid characters in filename 10.0.30
V029 10.0.14 Repeatedly warns about expiring license Only checks on startup now 10.0.23
V029 10.0.14 Locale-sensitive auto-refresh – fails if US format Fixed 10.0.24
V028 10.0.14 Sometimes crashes on startup – ‘close dialog first’ Auto-reconnect bug fixed. 10.0.22
V027 New Added Acro scoring 10.0.21
V026 New Added Pole Sports scoring 10.0.20
V025 New Larger font for class name heading 10.0.18
V024 New Automatic reconnect attempts on network failure Retries after 15 seconds 10.0.18
V023 New Filter can now select multiple panels 10.0.18
V022 New Hide / show Competition Status in Vscore Hiding the status also reduces database load 10.0.15
V021 New Set text size / number of rows in entrant list Text size 100% to 175%, auto/manual # of rows 10.0.15
V020 10.0.14 Scrolling display sometimes loses rows Scrolling mechanism overhauled 10.0.15
V019 10.0.10 License not recognized on some Windows 10 PCs Some NIC devices were being ignored 10.0.14
V018 New Add auto page refresh to web publishing Header meta set 10.0.13
V017 New Add stylesheets to web publishing Default stylesheet copied, classes for all elements 10.0.13
V016 New Web publish results missing some fields Added bonus, penalty, time of flight and pass 4 10.0.13
V015 10.0.12 Fix a few html syntax errors in published pages Tags adjusted 10.0.13
V014 10.0.12 Licensing improvements 10 day emergency licensing fixed 10.0.10
V013 10.0.9 Photo scaling problems Autosizing improved 10.0.10
V012 10.0.9 Photo hidden by big score Fixed 10.0.10
V011 10.0.9 Flicker on first results display Smoother transitions now 10.0.10
V010 10.0.7 Unicode text not handled for ‘Big Score’ Tricky – had to add ‘International’ settings switch 10.0.9
V009 New If no scores to show, you have to click Show Added ‘auto start’ checks every 10 seconds 10.0.7
V008 10.0.6 Big Score on/off switch ignored Always on under some circumstances! 10.0.7
V007 10.0.6 Slow computers flicker on ‘Big Score’ scroll Large score now just appears, rather than scrolls 10.0.7
V006 New Suppress display of individual E-Scores Option for Gymnastics – just show average score 10.0.6
V005 New Multi-day Events Added the ability to filter multi-day events 10.0.6
V004 10.0.4 User Guide missing new features Updated 10.0.6