TScore Version 10.2.32 Released

A new version of TScore has been released – v10.2.32 – and is available for download from the Downloads page.

This version contains a few small improvements and fixes. You can see the full list on the ‘Fixes and Enhancements‘ page.

There is a brief summary though:

New Show competition information from Status
New Filter to stop unintentional ‘Teams’
New Show total entrants on Clubs worksheet
Fix Error listing Artistic entrants/scores
New Improve recalculate functions
New Include email in export for teams
New List overall individual scores per level
New Flexible team construction
Fix Network scan fails if there are spaces in the folder pathname
New Allow a network scan to be interrupted
Fix Out of bounds error if no class definition files are found
Fix Recover from missing Configuration folder
New Add auto-test for tablet scoring

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