Version 10.1.37 Released

Hi everyone,

TScore version 10.1.37 and VScore 10.0.28 have been released.

These use a new database connection mechanism that means you no longer need to install the PGOLEDB connector on your client PCs.

It’s also noticeably faster, and has removed the 700 athlete display limit.

Among numerous other fixes and enhancements are improvements to Acro, and a completely new way of detecting PCs on your network that should work round the Windows 10 issues we’ve had for the past year.

Also in there are some athlete import file handling tweaks for the Canadians and some cosmetic items.

Given the variable nature of networks, name resolution and firewalls, it’s possible that you may hit ‘special cases’ where computer names aren’t resolved. Please let us know if you encounter any such problems so that we can try to address them.

There is a full list of changes on the usual page.

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