Version 10.1.8 released

Hi everyone, we’ve just released TScore version 10.1.8.  It’s got some great enhancements and a few fixes for you.

The biggest new feature is extending the timetabling to handle 8 panels now, which will make detecting clashes across multi-discipline events so much easier.

There is also an enhanced filter in VScore that lets you filter by any combination of panels, and a 15 second automatic reconnect mechanism that means you never have to leave your seat.

You can also search directly for athletes from the scoring screen (great for range and conditioning when they turn up unannounced!)

You now have your own print and export templates (that don’t get replaced when you upgrade to a newer version) and even per-event templates.

Smaller flights can be accommodated now (this was an issue for Tumbling in particular) and the printed programme is now easier to sort by athlete number for those disciplines that use fixed athlete numbers.

Throw in a number of USGA and BG/NDP qualification score corrections and it’s definitely an update you need to try out.


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