News: February 19th 2017

TScore Version 10.0.16 / VScore version 10.0.6 released

The latest upgrade for TScore and VScore has now been released.

This adds the ability to timetable your competition to run over multiple days (up to 3), with the corresponding ability in VScore to filter classes by day.

Note that at present, this is not intended to handle split qualification / finals over two days (we are still working on that one!)

It also includes the following fixes for TScore:

T033   The ‘New Competition’ form was too big for some screens – the buttons were covered by the Windows task bar

T034   The ‘Discipline’ was not being set in the Class Editor when you selected a Trampoline class in a mixed competition

T036   If you used an old Export template, qualification highlighting did not work correctly

T037   Improvements to the table column layout in the Class Editor

T038   A new option in the Timetable Editor to list conflicts – gymnasts who have a schedule clash


and the following changes to VScore:

V005   ‘Per-day’ class filtering has been added

V006   Added a new feature for Artistic – an option to show an average E-Score rather than every judge’s individual score

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