News: February 10th 2017

Version 10 is here!

Today we released Version 10 for use at Trampoline, DMT and Tumbling events.

Please be sure to check it out yourself before using it.  There are so many rule variations and special features that you need to be sure it’s all behaving as you expect for your particular event configuration. In particular, some of the class options have changed, and you don’t want to have to reset lots of flags and switches in the middle of a competition.

This version includes a preview of the Artistic Gymnastics functionality that we are adding to TScore. We welcome feedback on this feature, which is currently undergoing beta testing to adjust it from its current strictly rules-based implementation to accommodate the different ways people really run local events.

To go with version 10, the forums are also now live – please post your questions there; all customers should now have received logon instructions.

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