Problems processing XLSX entry forms in Excel 2003/2007

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    Those of you still running old versions of Excel may hit problems processing entry forms in the newer .xslx format.
    Microsoft do provide a compatibility pack for Office 2003, but this still seems to cause trouble with automatic conversion (TScore opens the files, but then cannot locate the worksheets, resulting in 0 entrants being loaded from each file). Given the age of that product, I’m reluctant to invest significant time in trying to fix this unless any customers report this problem. The workaround is to install the Office compatibility pack and then save all the entry forms in the old xls format.

    Those of you on Office 2007 should be ok – provided you install the Office 2007 updates. If you don’t do this, you’ll find that if you try opening an xlsx entry form, directly in Excel, it will say the file is corrupt and has to be repaired.
    This is because the newer versions of Office added some extra fields to the file that the original Excel 2007 doesn’t recognise.
    If you try reading entry forms from TScore, it will report an error ‘Unable to get the Open property of the Workbooks class’.
    Applying all the Office 2007 Updates fixes the problem.

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