Version 10.3.20 released

Hi everyone, time for another long TScore update!
I have been doing a lot of work on Tumbling with tablet scoring over the past month, and the new version 10.3.20 reflects much of that effort.
There is a bit of a cosmetic clean up of the scoring screens too which I hope make it look less cluttered.
Tablet scoring now handles runs with non-standard numbers of elements (1 to 9) that can vary per run. These can be defined in the classes files or class editor.
There are better features for using Gymnast Numbers now – including searching from the Edit screen and left/right mouse click options on the magnifying glass on all scoring screens.
Swapping between Status / Scoring has been improved and exporting ‘original class’ results now works for Tumbling too.
Nomenclature has been changed from Round to Run and the new Android app version 1.2.5 now shows the gymnast number.
Accidentally changing gymnasts while polling for tablet input is now trapped and there is a new ‘order by gymnast number’ option on the scoring screen.
Unnecessary ‘scores have been changed’ alerts have been reduced and the incorrect warning of missing deductions for a ‘short’ tumble run are now suppressed.
Tablet initialisation has been improved with a fix to the problem that could cause the server address to appear as ‘fe80’.
Finally, more of the latest FIG/USAG/Canadian rules have been implemented – notably the ‘best routine’ qualifier for Intermediate and Seniors.
Meanwhile, a lot of work has gone into compatibility with BSGA Acro, Tumbling and F&V entry processing as we move closer to being able to fully support those competitions.
Phew! That’s it for this one.

What next?

Coming up in the next few weeks I have the challenge of handling the latest 5-pass qualifier/final FIG competition formats, which I hope will lead on to being able to timetable finals separately from qualifiers more generally.
There is an improvement coming to Acro too – the addition of a ‘DNF’ marker as a further option beyond ‘DNS’ / Saluting.
I also want to find a way to use tablet scoring across per-pass panels, such as some tumbling events employ (3 panels on the same track taking R1, R2 and R3 of the same class). At present, the tablet notification scheme does not support this, but it would be nice to have.
Well, it keeps me busy…it’s great to see so many events running again in the UK, USA and beyond.
Thanks to all of the TScore community for your continued support.

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