Critical Fix in v10.0.38

Please can all users be sure to upgrade to version 10.0.38 before running any events that use Horizontal Displacement, as this addresses the following issue:


Problem description – T089:

A particular sequence of events was needed to trigger the problem, which is why it was not widespread and also why it wasn’t picked up in testing.

To generate the error you would need to:

  1. Run a competition with manual HD recording
  2. Enter invalid scores into the form
  3. When TScore notices, choose to ‘Fix the scores’
  4. Re-enter values without changing competitors or causing a view refresh



The total e-Score is calculated as if there are 6 form judges, with HD1 and HD2 being E5 and E6
This typically increases the total by between 0.1 and 0.6 in the cases observed.



Change a score in the offending record, save, change it back again.



There is a new version of TScore (10.0.38) now available from the website. Please update to this version as soon as possible to avoid the problem above.


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