News: March 12th 2017

Version 10 is taking off nicely now, having run two UK events (TRA, TUM), one in Greece (TRA with HD) and one in California TRA/TUM/DMT/SYN) within the past couple of weeks.

Feedback has been positive about the new features – thanks everyone!

We are continuing to make the usual little tweaks and adjustments to make it fit the way you want to run your competitions.

The latest changes have been looking at ways to improve how TScore decides whether each class has ‘finished’, and now gives you a choice of what action to take when forcing the completion of a class.  From the settings menu you can choose whether to withdraw non-scoring entrants, or whether to just set their ‘moves’ count to zero.  This means that you can easily handle those cases (especially in USAG) where someone is unable to actually perform, but needs to ‘salute out’ to qualify.

We are also continuing to refine the class definitions – adjusting qualification scores and timings for example, so that you need to make fewer changes for your events.

Pop along to the downloads page for the latest version and a link to the list of features and fixes.

Please also make use of the Forums to report issues and make suggestions – that way everyone can share your experiences.


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