Getting Started

So, you want to try TScore to see whether it does what you need?  Just follow these steps.

You will need a laptop or PC running Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are supported, but Windows 10 is preferred).

You need to download and install 2 bits of software onto your computer.

The first is the PostgreSQL database server, the second component is TScore itself.  You must install them in this sequence.

You can download the latest version of each of these from the TScore Downloads page.

You will find it helpful to download the Installation Guide for complete information on this step, as there are a couple of specific settings in the database server that you need to get right.

Two VERY important things before you install:
(1) Create a ‘real’ folder to install PostgreSQL and its data. Its default location in ‘Program Files’ doesn’t give sufficient permissions for TScore to configure the connection permissions. We advise creating a folder on a separate disk drive or on the root of C: drive  (e.g. c:\postgres ).
(2) Take defaults for all other questions.  Set username and password both to ‘postgres’ for the simplest experience.

The TScore installer is a password-protected zip file – please email us to get the password so that we can advise you of any late-breaking news and be available to help if you get stuck. Right click the zip file and select ‘Extract here’, entering the password when prompted.  That will extract the TScore.msi installer, which you then run.

Sometimes, Windows decides that it doesn’t want to ‘trust’ the installer, and you have to confirm that TScore is from a trusted software author.  (We can assure you that we never bundle adware or anything nasty with our products!)

Once you have installed both parts, you are ready to go.

Run TScore from the link on your desktop. Some version have a short trial period built into them.  If not, you will be asked for a License Code.  Just email the request string to us and we will get back to you with a 2 month trial license.  When you have this, just enter it into the license box and you are on your way!

When TScore runs, click on the ‘Connect’ button to connect to the database server.  If PostgreSQL has installed and started correctly, it will connect, detect that there are no competitions present and offer to install some demo competitions for you.  Just say yes to everything.  There are currently 5 demo competitions (BG NDP, UK Schools, USAG-JO, Pole Sports and a demo BG Artistic) , but this may expand later.  If TScore cannot find the database by name, try entering in the Server box.  If that fails, check that the service is actually running. S

If you still have problems connecting, do check out the Forum for troubleshooting advice (this article on database connections is especially useful for first-timers)

Once these have completed, select one of interest and start exploring!

In general, once you are over the initial setup it should be plain sailing.  If you do get stuck though (some computers we come across can prove tricky) do email us and we will do our best to help.