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TScore and VScore are under continuous development.  As new features and fixes become available, they will be published here. 
Upgrading an existing installation is usually simply a case of replacing the program executable and possibly some template files. 
Further instructions are provided with each update if necessary.

Latest News
 17th March 2015 v9.8.53 Released - Various enhancements and fixes
           Fix: VScore failed to show DMT until pass two had started
           Fix: VScore would not cycle through multiple databases in the event of an error
           Fix: VScore would not cycle trhough databases if you disabled some while it was running
           Fix: VScore display of DMT results did not include all passes. (can only show 3, but now during pass 4, the first value is the sum of passes 1 and 2)
           Fix: TScore was printing a blank sheet at the end of DMT results
           Fix: TScore did not report number of officials correctly if entry form was not exactly right
           Fix: TScore would not print results for entrants scoring zero for all rounds
           Allow different delimiters for CSV file import (especially semi-colons for European customers)
           Support commas as decimal points according to locale
           Fix: VScore didn't show last score if class has a 'bonus'
           Added option to calculate team scores differently - top 'n' total scores, rather than the more usual per-round
           Fix: Print results header for 'teams' was wrong
           Fix: Importing an old class definition set every tie-break to 'None' instead of 'Default'
           Moved additional preference settings into the database
           Fix: Export with original class would not always use the 'safe' BG export name for non-BG exports.
           Add region/state for each club
           Allow split competitions – separate results per region/state
           Recalculate results applies across all classes if ‘All’ selected
           Edit region/state for each club
           Allow Region/State override per-entrant (using column “S” on entry form)
           WarmupTime and TwoBed factor saved to database
           Fix: Too many entrants in team listing as multiple teams in results
           Fix: Import bug with incorrect fields for BG and email
           Allow VScore to operate with multiple regions/states
           Qualify by position (put 1 to 8 in the Qualification field) 
           Improved 'end time' estimates for multi-flight classes
Fix: A bug that allowed certificates to print before a class had finished
Fix: Corrected USAG Tumbling ages groups for 2015 rules
Fix: Corrected BG DMT tariff settings
 5th January 2015 v9.8.40 Released - New season rules for BG and USAG
          UK Regional NDP updates for 2015 season
USAG Scoring and Tie-break rules for 2015 season
         Added ‘Sort by Club’ option to Competitors form
Added tie-break overall and per class settings (None, FIG2009, FIG2013, USAG)
Revised and renamed in-built class definitions
Filter by email address on Competitors form (include an ‘@’ in the entrants name)
Better merging for revised entry forms – added a DoB check
Allow alternative age group representations on forms – U13 matches 11-12  etc
Extract BG number from the beginning of comment for judges on the entry form
Add Preferences option to reset the list of officials for the competition
          Add contact email column to exported results
Do not print duplicate certificates by default – added option to reprint

          Manual configuration of max results rows on VScore screen
          Display results from up to 3 competition databases simultaneously

          Allow up to 30 entrants per club and class in team editor
          Fix order-by problem for % complete in comp status view         

          Fixed a problem with unset default panels causing a crash in entry form processing
          Support for USA terminology         

          DMT export to BG ignored Bonus scores


12th February 2014 v9.8.25 Roll-up Release of intermediate patches - numerous bug fixes and enhancements for new UK NDP grades

          Teams > 8 were not working correctly. Now allows up to 20 per team
          Improved capitalization of hyphenated names
          Entry forms and classes added  for new NDP and Club Grades
          Change “Closed Competition” class definitions
          Add number of entrants in emailed results (as n / m position)
          Finish time may be displayed incorrectly in timetable editor
          Team scores must exclude finals
          Allow email ‘header’ to be set explicitly
          Allow an attachment to be sent with automated emails
          Allow results to be sent with automated emails
          Fix duplicate printing of Synchro & DMT results
          Fix page length / repeating / missing rows bug when exporting more than 50 classes
          Bug -  entrants missing from programme if any entrants have been withdrawn
          Bug – Tooltip errors for Warmup Time (and others) in Preferences
          Bug – Checklists giving repeated rows at the end if multiple flights
          Do not show warmup time on checklists for Final
          Creating a new comp left class definitions from previous comp in memory
          Class selection problems when one class name is a substring of another
          Competition Status Reset Print flag option left it blank
          Warmup times per panel
          Dual Warmup trampolines time adjustments per panel
          Up to 175 entrants per form
          Time of flight and Bonus scores – revised Print and Export templates, variable precision and rounding
          Old ‘split timing’ and ‘travel’ scores removed (never fully adopted by BG)
          Ability to export results with original classes rather than merged (for NDP qualification etc)
          Email validation on loading entry forms
          Extend timetable to 18.00
          Fixed problem with Club Editor ‘clubs with certs to be printed’ filter
          Updated for BG NDP regional events – export format etc.
          Fix tab order on Score/Edit screen
          Fix email SQL error when sending full list of entrants
          Allow working folder to be saved in each competition database
          Fixed qualification scores for NDP – including per-round qualifying scores & bonuses
          Resize the ‘connect to database’ form
          Working folder set in database and changed automatically on connecting
          Better error reporting on entry form processing
          Trap long officials’ names
          Fix bug with licenses ending in April
          2 trophies per synchro team
          Fix bug – team certificates for schools with apostrophe in short name
          Fix bug – team certificates position may be printed wrong
          Scrolling timetable
          Official NDP class names + ‘fix’ option
          Fix unset default class times in timetable
          Fix tie break error for 2013 rules
          Add ‘moves’ to printed results
          Reinstate ‘Requalification’ panels
          Remove Bonus from qualifying scores
          Set correct qualifying scores for NDP
          Fix tooltip on Import browse button


18th June 2013 v9.7.30 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
            Fix for Zero Finals 2013 tiebreak rules
            Default to 2013 Tiebreaks for new competition
            Option to hide completed, printed classes in Comp Status form
17th February 2013 v9.7.26 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
            New tiebreak rules supported
            Fix bug showing withdrawn team members
            Fix problem upgrading some older competition databases
31st December 2012 v9.7.22 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
            Further fix for unsetting the Printed flag when creating a new competition from a custom classes file
            Better error reporting for entry form processing problems
            'Warmup trampoline' option for timetabler
            'Class Finished' button added to force completion of a class
30th November 2012 v9.7.19 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
            Class editor now supports up to 8 flights per class
            Flight split points are suggested for you
            Fixed problem with upgrading some older databases (as per hotfix in 9.7.18)
            Fixed further problem with stray header rows in checklists
22nd November 2012 v9.7.17 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
           Clubs Editor to change names and email details for clubs
           Show status of entrants for each club - competed, withdrawn etc.
           Filter Edit Clubs list to show only completed / unprinted etc.
           Show whether a certificate has been printed for each entrant
           Print certificates from Clubs Editor
           Fix bug in Certificate Printing - field names were mixed up and would often refuse to print at all
9th October 2012 v9.7.14 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
           Export to BG compliant format
           Revised class codes for BG compliance
           Fixed TUM/DMT export error for final round 2 scores
           Allow combinations of mixed gender classes in the class editor
18th June 2012 v9.7.10 Released - bug fixes and small enhancements
        Order the Requalification Panel by Grade / Age / Gender
        Display qualifying scores on the scoring screen and printed results
        Qualifier highlighting conditional format formulae are wrong in the DMT Excel export template
        Less cramped layout needed for manual recorders - move Finals to a separate, optional row for each entrant
        Allow teams of up to 20 entrants, rather than the current limit of 8
        Live publishing of results as a website (VScore)
27-May-2012 v9.7.06 released - Minor bug fixes.
 7-May-2012 v9.7.01 released - Major expansion of functionality to support DMT and Tumbling, plus a number of smaller enhancements:
                          Warn user if they haven't randomised when creating the programme, Allow withdrawal mid-event, Preserve 'printed' flag when editing classes,
                          Allow final with only one entrant, Allow a configurable warmup time & include this in Status calculations and checklist headers,
                          Return to Status display after printing, Collect BG numbers for judges (altered entry form) and list these in the Timetable file,
                          Added a 'Club Sign-in' sheet to the timetable, with numbers of entrants and officials.  Officials now saved to database.
                          New version of VScore to handle DMT/Tumbling - even mixed events
17-March-2012 v9.6.70 released - Requalification Panel tidied up a bit, flight shown on Edit Database screen, VScore network resilience improved, minor fixes.
18-January-2012 v9.6.69 released - Requalification Panel feature added, move panel and move grouped classes in timetable editor, a few other fixes
08-January-2012 v9.6.64 released - Better sort order in Class Editor.  Fix erroneous warnings when reloading forms into merged classes
31-December 2011 v9.6.61 released - A few fixes and improvements.  Implemented new BG Universal Class Codes.
08-November 2011 v9.6.53 released - Bug fix for team editor, export start time/posn, look for extra judges, fix classless entrant error
25-August 2011 v9.6.51 released - Added team editor to spot and fix incorrect teams
14-August 2011 v9.6.50 released - Results and attachments in Emails, reload entry forms with merged classes
07-August 2011 v9.6.49 released - Programme class order; Panel in Export; Set+Vol printed; IPv6; Timetable flights : version 49 has been WITHDRAWN - problem with New Competition
21-April 2011 v9.6.46 released - added a new feature for the Eastern region - extra rows at the top of entry forms
19-April 2011 v9.6.45 released - a few minor improvements
6-February 2011 v9.6.42 released - better network failure recovery plus a few minor cosmetics
16-January 2011 v9.6.41 released - minor glitch spotted - team position is zero if only one team and no final
16-January 2011 v9.6.40 released - supports the latest BG requirements for date of birth and grade G vol routine minimum tariff compliance
26-December 2010 A newer build of Postgres has been added - this follows some problems on Windows 7 after a Windows security patch in December 2010
2009-2010 Numerous updates throughout the year - please see the Downloads page for full details (I forgot to update the Latest News page!)
07-July 2009 v9.5.47  Update  supersedes v9.5.46 - this version adds a fix for synchro export
05-July 2009 v9.5.46  Update  fixes a synchro score calculation problem when you are missing lots of judges
05-July 2009 New full version 9.5.45  has a few useful fixes in - especially for Vista users
21-June 2009 Training for Computer Recorders Powerpoint published
21-June 2009 Troubleshooting PostgreSQL on Vista Guide published
13-June 2009 VScore User Guide published
12-June 2009 Site finished - though still being updated regularly of course!
09-June 2009 TScore user guide web pages mostly completed
08-June 2009 v9.5.22 Update - Fixed: 'Add' button in Class Editor
08-June 2009 v9.5.21 Update - Fixed: problem with CSV import and Class Definitions
07-June 2009 Full installer for version 9.5.17 - Improved Template Entry Forms
06-June 2009 'Getting Started' - creating your first competition
06-June 2009 Updated User Guide
06-June 2009 Update Version 9.5.16 - Fixed: Import Competition could leave name, venue and date unset
03-June 2009 Additional print templates available for download - for Certificates and Sychro Results
02-June 2009 Version 9.5.14 - Enhanced: Timetabler extended to 5 panels
30-May 2009 Version 9.5.11 - Initial version for download
30-May 2009 TScore Website launched



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