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Welcome to the TScore website.  TScore is a computer program that helps you organise and run Trampoline, Synchro, DMT and Tumbling competitions.

It handles competition setup, entry processing, timetabling, scoring and results processing.

TScore is highly intuitive and very forgiving - complete novice computer recorders can learn it in a few minutes.  It is also however, the most feature rich product of its type on the market.


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Although simple to use, TScore is very sophisticated.  It can handle the latest BG rules and offers customisable results lists and personalised certificates.

Since TScore is developed by a UK trampoline coach, and used at our regional comps, updates will be available whenever the BG rules change.  For example, an update for the 2010 qualification scoring system was released on 2nd Jan 2010.  The 2011 changes needed to include date of birth and to record non-qualifying grade G vols were deployed at competitions only 2 days after being notified of the requirement!

It also includes specific adaptations for BSGA (Schools) competitions, with the ability to separate team and individual entrants running within the same classes.  Automatic emailing of entrants makes handling communications with over 150 schools so much easier!

In 2015, we added support for USAG scoring systems.

New for 2016 - full updates for BG NDP age groups, plus Range and Conditioning scoring.

 News                                December 2016
Added 'Penalty score' for each class, and extended to support 11 flights per class.
News                                September 2016
New version to handle the 2017 age groups, categories and qualification scores for BG NDP Regional events, and improved Range and Conditioning scoring.  Plus a few enhancements to VScore. It also now works with newer versions of POstGreSQL without needing manual registry edits or speical installation instructions.
News                                December 2015
New version to handle the 2016 age groups for BG NDP Regional events, and the new Range and Conditioning scoring.  Plus a few minor fixes!
 News                                June 2014 - March 2015
Revised age groups, scoring and tie breaks for USAG and BG NDP.  VScore can show up to 3 databases simultaneously.
Separate US nomenclature and templates folder. Filter by email address and order by club option.
A major extension has been added that allows TScore to operate multiple competitions within the same event (for example, run two regional competitions together, but present the results separately).
TScore and VScore now support extended character sets for entrant and club names

The software has been used at a large number of regional grading and schools competitions for the past 6 years, during which time it has proved to be more reliable and far more comprehensive than the previous program used in our region.  Exported results from TScore are accepted by the UK National Scores Coordinator without needing any modification (it even highlights the qualifiers for you).
 Current versions
      TScore 9.9.48  (15th January 2017)
      VScore 9.9.10  (10th December 2016)
Go to the Downloads page for the latest upgrade.

TScore is currently available as a free download - please contact us for a free trial licence if you would like to check it out.  It runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1  and  Windows 10.

2017 Version 
As BG decided to start the 2017 NDP season in October 2016, the new version of TScore is out even earlier this year! The latest version has the new TPD categories and the revised qualification scores for DMT.  VScore has had a tweak too - it can now present on 4k screens with auto-sizing. You can even slot photographs into the presentation.

Early in 2017 we will be releasing a version of TScore that supports the new FIG/BG/USAG 'Horizontal Displacement' scores for trampoline.  We are also intending to support Womens and Mens Artistic Gymnastics scoring!  Watch this space...

 Technical Support Information
Technical support is available directly from this website, or by email to support@tscore.co.uk

For your free evaluation copy, please contact us on trial@tscore.co.uk.


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