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In most cases, you will be using the intelligent Excel Entry Forms to load entrants into the competition, as these handle all of the age group mappings, club details and officials with the minimum of fuss.  Occasionally though, you may choose to use the Import option to add entrants to your competition from a simple text file ('comma separated').
The Import option also lets you restore copies of the database from an earlier archive or another computer.


From the Main screen, click on the 'Import / Export' button to display the following screen,

To import a comma separated file (.csv) of entrants, pick one of the 'Import Competitors' options, enter the pathname of the csv file and then click Ok.

The import file is a text file containing information about each competitor, one per line. Each line of information must include their name, club, gender, grade and age group.  It may also include team, BG number and start order. Each value is separated from the next by a comma.

CSV files are easily created from programs such as Excel.

Import File Format

The first line of the file (the 'header row') should contain the following column names

Column Title


Description of contents



The name of the club



The full name of the competitor

First Name


The first name of the competitor

Last Name


The last name of the competitor


Sex, M/F      

M or F



Depends on the competition. Examples "Novice", "H"



Age group designator - U13, 17+ etc.



Team identifier - A, B C etc



Start order if known



Competitor or BG membership number

If preferred, you may supply the Name as two columns instead of one.

First Name


The first name of the competitor

Last Name


The last name of the competitor

If no header row is present, the following order is assumed -
            Club,   Name,   Gender,   Grade,   AgeGroup,   Team,    Start,    BG
The first 5 columns are mandatory, but can be in any order.

Restoring a Saved Competition Database
If you have previously saved a copy of a competition database for safe keeping, or simply to move it between computers, you must use the Import option to restore it.  When you restore a saved competition, you may rename it.
When restoring a competition database, first enter (or browse to) the .tsc file that you want to import.

Next, ensure that the computer name of the database server is set in the 'Server' box.

Change the database name if you wish (you cannot restore into an existing database)

Click Ok - TScore will restore the competition from the file you have given.

Click here for data export options.


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