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There are currently two products in the TScore family.  TScore itself is the main competition organiser and scoring program. 
Its partner, VScore lets you run an unattended continuous live results service at your event - usually projected onto a wall or screen.

VScore is TScore's equivalent to 'SWEVIEW', but differs fundamentally in its ability to automatically detect which classes are 'active' and so display these groups without needing any manual intervention.   
Typically, I fire VScore up at the start of the event, switch on the projector and just leave it running all day.  It also copes with higher resolution displays, so you don't suffer from so many truncated names. 

The presentation itself is visually attractive, with graduated coloured backgrounds and smooth scrolling lists of competitors.  You can even add your own messages to be shown between each set of results!
All in all, VScore is a great way to keep your audience engaged with the competition as it progresses.

If you can't see the video on the left, or the colours are odd, click here to download the latest Windows Media Player

Alternatively, you can just try this link for a standalone view.

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