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There are currently two products in the TScore family.  TScore itself is the main competition organiser and scoring program. 
Its partner, VScore lets you run an unattended continuous live results service at your event - usually projected onto a wall or screen.

TScore was developed by an overworked trampoline competition organiser who was certain that there had to be an easier way to do things than all of the manual processes needed to manage the entrants before and during competitions when using other packages.  In addition, several bad experiences with network failures and the lack of active product development for the product then being used, fuelled the desire for a successor.
TScore began life purely as a competition entry processor, but then evolved into a fully functional scoring program with many advanced features.  The emphasis throughout its design has been to keep it as intuitive as possible, since a high proportion of its users will have had minimal previous experience of computer scoring.
In live trials at regional trampolining competitions, training of completely new recorders has taken under 5 minutes.  Existing SWESCORE users have needed no more than a few words to get them started.  Queries during the competitions have been minimal, with a very low number of errors.

To help you find your way around TScore, take a look at this Screen Map, or follow the links below for detailed descriptions of each feature.

      How do I use TScore... 
 At the CompetitionBefore the Competition 
 Record scoresGetting Started 
 Print scores & certificatesSet up a competition 
 Edit competitor detailsPrepare competition entry forms 
 Withdraw & reinstateEdit Classes 
 Record timings and travelLoad Entries 
 Monitor competition progressImport entrants or restore a backup 
 Export results and backup the competitionCreate the competition timetable 
 Connect to a different competitionPrint checklists and manual scoring sheets 
  Generate a list of trophies and medals 
  Set a random start order 
  Generate a running order for my programme 


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