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Once the competition has finished, you will want to present the results back to the competitors, their coaches and the world in general.  TScore can generate an Excel file, containing all of the results, with qualifiers automatically highlighted. 
The Export option also lets you take safe copies of the database for archiving or copying to other computers.


From the Main screen, click on the 'Import / Export' button to display the following screen,

To save the results as an Excel file, mark that option and click 'Ok'.
TScore uses a template to create the report, so you can customise the result.  The report is displayed for you to save to a location of your choice.

For an example of the exported data, look at this real report from a regional grading competition.

To copy the competition database click the 'Copy Competition Database' option and then the Ok button.  TScore will take a safe a copy of the entire database as a '.tsc' file.  The file is named according to the competition database name and the current date & time.  Exported databases are saved to the 'data' folder below the 'Entries' folder that you have set for the competition (in the Edit Competition screen)

Finally, you you really want to, you can just use TScore as an entry processor and then export the list of entrants in a format suitable for importing into Swescore.

Note 1:  You must have a copy of Excel installed on your computer for the 'Export to Excel' option to work.  We have tested with Office 2000, 2003 and 2007.  All of them work, but the newer versions run faster.

Note 2: To save a copy of the competition database, you must have a copy of the PostgreSQL database installed on the computer you are working on. (The database service does not need to be running though, if you are exporting from a remote database)

Click here for data import options.


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